best pizza

0111101443-00This is just beyond 61st street, or there about, heading northeast up 18th Avenue.

The owner and sole worker at the time I visited, an older gentleman of purely Italian origins, in descent, had a friendly exchange with me, in regards to this area’s Italian community, it earlier think dense presence, and today, its manifestations found on 18th ave, businesses, that is, in a diminished state. Other old shops selling pizza, seem on inspection, to remain the same in decor and signage, but have been sold, thus leaving the finished product, a pizza, and other items, less authentic.

The pizza here, is some of the most delicious pizza one can find in New York City.




These photos below show the current state of the still standing buildings build in an Italian American style, as well as some shops that no longer are in business.

The Focaccia restaurant below, closed recently, after Chinese bought the building, and raised the rent to $5000 or more per month. There is a Chinese owned hot pot store that seems to have closed for business next to it.




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