Dominican Washington Heights

“Margot Santana’s restaurant serving Dominican food has been a staple in a Washington Heights neighborhood since 1984."- ABC News (Flavor of Dominican Republic in Washington Heights Friday, September 27, 2013)


Washington Heights

mondongo dominicano

pueblo y cultura bellas

This is Washington Heights. From 145 Street or closer to 150, all the way up to the very tip of Manhattan, is Demographically dominated by people from the Dominican Republic. This Dominican community includes Inwood, as well as Fort Washington. Though it is all Dominican dominated, there is diversity in the areas, from the congested 175 are to near George Washington Bridge Bus station to the more quiet and open feel of Broadway and Dyckman.


On my visits to the area, I located, by foot and eyes, two El Salvador Restaurants, that function as meeting places for the people who live or visit NYC who are El Salvadorian. 0122101753-01

There is a Jewish area to this region of Manhattan, that I have visited, and also read about, in The Jewish Press. It is around Yeshiva University. This Jewish community has been in establishment since the 1930s, and today includes some nice small eateries and cafes, as well as shops, on a stretch of Amsterdam Ave going south from 187th Street.

For all the time I had been around Manhattan, and even when living in Brooklyn, I had not ventured up there, until I lived in Chinatown, 2012.

My first visit offered much, such as taking a few beers, and a small dish of Dominican meats, in a large establishment, that had young and old, families, and single adults, alike, sitting visiting, eating and drinking, while live Dominican music was being performed. It was a Sunday, mid afternoon.


Like the Chinese, and unlike the Americans, the Dominicans and other Latin Americans, that can be found within this huge community, are prone to being out and together, enjoying what people have done since the days before the Industrial Revolution, and before suburbs grew to contain people in houses, with no front porch. Often they sit in Summer out on steps, on the sidewalks, with Latin Music playing the entire time.

A stroll in summer in Washington Heights is to see people out and alive, as opposed to the pathology of modern middle class American life.



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